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In my childhood, my home was not a peaceful place and I could not consult with anyone. After that, I began to work in the field of entertainment, but it was time living by cutting my heart, I was constantly worried about living and being a woman.

At one time in Okinawa (my roots), I encountered KAMINCHU as if I was guided, and I was told to draw Buddhist drawings for “my self-liberation”. This is the moment drawing turned into my destiny.

Drawing Buddhist painting for me is to face myself. With that, I was able to discover my own value and that I am living with the help of various people. From that moment, I have had a sense of mission to convey the act of “to save myself of past myself” to those who are suffering, so I launched Ace 101.

People have complicated circumstances, and they are unaware of the oppression of being born as a woman. For those who were trapped in such a past and could not like themselves, I want them to start liking themselves and gradually develop their own self and feeling the “world where women themselves can become highly pure, can meet their real self and build a new life”.

The world I am aiming for is “Flowering of femininity”.
It is a world where women can be active naturally. A world where everyone can realize what they want to be. To build such a world, I would like to do activities to support women, children and society.