AMIDANYORAIZAZOU (Seated Amitabha Nyorai)

【2018 / Buddhist painting / pencil】

When I received a picture request from a monk, I suddenly felt existence of
impulse to draw a picture that would have feeling of world of the soul.
I tried challenging how far I can pour my soul into a picture with a single material called a pencil.
The AMIDANYORAIZAZOU (Seated Amitabha Nyorai) of BYOUDOUIN HOUOUDOU (A Temple) in Kyoto became a model.
In the middle of drawing I often got words from paintings, I felt the deepness of AMIDANYORAI`s great love and tolerance which is enshrined in the world of paradise.
This AMIDANYORIZAZOU is praised for it’s beauty as an ideal example of
Buddha sculpture.