GOKURAKUJYOUDO I (Pure Land of Paradise)


Six Birds of Pure Land of Paradise

There are six kinds of birds that uniquely color the pure land of paradise in “BUSSETSU AMIDA KYOU (Buddhism Amitabha Sutra)“.
BYAKUKOU (A Swan) and KUJYAKU (A Peacock) are solemn by the visual beauty, OUMU(A Parrot) and SHARI sing the Buddhism through understanding of the human language, KARYOUBINGA sings magnificently for SANPOU (The Three Treasures), GUMYOUCHOU embodies equality of life.


GUMYOUCHOU is said to be the only bird that does not exist in this world.
The body has two heads and the two heads have separate minds. Even though face and shape are different, even though they look unrelated, GUMYOUCHOU means that life is connected, and it embodies the heart of Buddha as a symbol.


It is called a phantom bird, its cry is very elegant, and he voice of the Buddha's
explanatory flow is said to "just like KARYUBINGA". In Japan, it is often
compared as a god of music and is drawn in the appearance of a human faced bird holding an instrument. One king of India kept one KARYOUBINGA in a square room surrounded all by mirrors. The bird sees its appearance thought there are many more, so the bird kept crying for other birds. It is told that story made the king enjoyed that birdsong.