GOKURAKUJYOUDO Ⅱ (Pure Land of Paradise)


Six Birds of Pure Land of Paradise

There are six kinds of birds that uniquely color the pure land of paradise in “BUSSETSU AMIDA KYOU (Buddhism Amitabha Sutra)“.
BYAKKOU (A Swan) and KUJYAKU (A Peacock) are solemn by the visual beauty, OUMU (Parrot) and SHARI sing the Buddhism by understanding the human language, KARYOUBINGA sings magnificently for SAMPOU (The Three Treasures), GUMYOUCHOU embodies equality of life.

OUMU (A Parrot)

It is a kind of mynah and is known as imitating human language. For that reason, in Buddhist scripture, two kinds of birds such as OMU(parrots) and SHARI are smart birds who understand human language, OUMU is flying in the pure land of paradise as a bird preaching for Buddhism.


It is said to be a smart bird to understand and remember human language, and it is in the pure land of paradise as a wise bird which convey Buddhism in human language. All that tweeting voice resonates in Buddhism.