GOKURAKUJYOUDO Ⅲ(Pure Land of Paradise)


Six Birds of Pure Land of Paradise

There are six kinds of birds that uniquely color the pure land of paradise in “BUSSETSU AMIDA KYOU (Buddhism Amitabha Sutra)“BYAKKOU (A Swan) and KUJYAKU (A Peacock) are solemn by the visual beauty, OUMU (A Parrot) and SHARI sing the Buddhism through understanding the human language, KARYOUBINGA sings magnificently for SAMPOU (The Three Treasures), GUMYOUCHOU embodies equality of life.

KUJYAKU (A Peacock)

It attracts people with beauty and is wearing brilliant costumes.
It symbolizes a pure land without ugly things and It is also respected because it likes to eat venomous snakes, scorpions and poisonous insects. In Esoteric Buddhism, its strong detoxifying power is deified, and the BOSATSU(BODHISATTIVA) called KUJYAKU MYOUOU is worshipped. It is designated as a national bird in India.


It is a beautiful white bird like a crane. The six birds of the paradise always keep the voice of WAGA and it makes people think of Buddha, but BYAKKOU (A Swan) educate and guide people with the beauty of their appearance.
Transparent beauty symbolizes the cleanliness of the Pure Land and the Buddha.